Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Snow at the Equator

I was telling a friend over the weekend that the winter is even harsher for me since I have never experienced a weather below 70 deg. F. But that's incorrect. I also said, incorrectly, that I had never seen snow before coming to the U.S. There was once that I actually played in snow... in 85 deg. F. weather.

I remember vividly - I had just moved to Singapore at the age of 13. And there was this empty plot of land (VERY scarce in a tiny country like S'pore) next to a huge shopping mall, which, all of a sudden, saw a flurry of activity. I saw tents being set up, workmen swarming all over, huge containers being carted around. All a la circus. But no animals. Plus, the land was just too tiny to accomodate a full circus. And so, I was totally consumed by suspense.

Not for too long, though. Soon enough, there was a big banner proclaiming a unique experience in the snow for all us equatorial people. Obviously, I had to see what it was all about. When they opened up the mini "fair", I finally saw what they had been building the whole time - a snow tunnel!! It was this long-ish structure made of, I assume, ice coupled with tough snow...?? Anyway, it was this wonderful tunnel where you pay an admission fee and play in for an hour. There were plenty of little kids and a few teens, like me. The tunnel was built mostly with the kids in mind, but that didn't stop me from a little frolick on a real sultry, humid evening, right in the midst of the equatorial region.



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