Saturday, January 08, 2005

Oh dear me, how fussy can we get?

I just remembered this rather funny and revealing incident that I must share. You know how everyone keeps telling you that the legal industry comprises of a bunch of WASPs roaming around with a stick firmly shoved up their asses? It's true. Apparently a dude was rejected a job, despite meeting with the hiring panel's approval, because his e-mail read




Blogger Narkoleptik said...

Is this an urban myth or do we have actual proof that that's why he was rejected?

6:15 pm  
Blogger Res_Ipsa_Loquitur said...

Oh, it's all eerily real. Heard it straight from the horse's mouth - one of the panel members who rejected that poor bloke told us this story in an effort to educate us on the do's and dont's of the job application process. Wow, that was a long sentence, wasn't it...

7:39 pm  

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