Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I love my India

Here is an article that extolls the many virtues of Indian cuisine. I guess I'm in no danger of losing my ripe old age to Alzheimer's. Neither will Fuhrer or 3L. Perhaps I should've had more sambar at home. Oh well, there's always Deep's frozen food :)

I have plenty on my plate today. Holidays are essentially over. I now have to sweat out a proposal for my professor for guided research this semester. I'm planning on churning out a paper on the famed Sarbanes-Oxley Act, but since I have never even looked at it, I'm finding it inordinately difficult to focus on a specific morsel of that delicious meal. I'd like to explore the ramifications of the Act on corporate lawyers and how, if, it has affected the code of ethics involved in the tense boardrooms of big corporate firms. But I was told that that's too broad. I need something a little narrower. And hence all the clueless reading. On the web. Any thoughts to help me out? Please e-mail me.



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