Sunday, January 09, 2005

The end of Life as I know it

Schools starts back up tomorrow. I hope my blog does not suffer an arrested development due to that all-consuming fact. Thus far, I've managed to keep to one of my resolutions, to blog regularly. I'm proud to say that I've blogged once a day this year. I'll be happy if I blog thrice a week starting tomorrow.

I'm gearing up to a real interesting semester. I have all of 2 exams!! *Res_Ipsa_Loquitur then proceeds to cheer, somersault, do a couple of backflips. Then sees stars* I'm in Temple's famed Trial Advocacy course, Chapter 11: Corporate Reorganisation (Yes, I'm not a product of the American (mis)spelling system), Corporate Tax, Law, Science & Technology (for which I get to learn to play poker! Yay!), and a clinical where I represent charitable organisations. Only Corp Tax & Chap.11 have exams. Of course, the other classes I have taken involve tremendous amounts of work throughout the semester, but at least my grade is not entirely decided by my performance over a mere 4 hours. Plus, it'd be cool to see the inside of a federal courtroom.

All my hours of watching Law & Order will finally pay off.



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