Sunday, January 23, 2005

E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!!

The Philly Eagles are playing in the game which is a pre-cursor to the Superbowl. Against the Atlanta Falcons 9who don't merit their own link). Now, am not the greatest sports fan there is, and certainly not of any of the truly American sports. For example, football & baseball. But, that said, I love watcing the Superbowl series. There is something to be said about witnessing a man get wallopped while he's freezing his balls off, all the while sitting down comfortably in the living room eating a steaming bowl of chili with rice, wrapped in a cosy fleece blanket and watching the snow fall, adding to the 16 inches of snow already accumulated on the ground.

I like long sentences. Sometimes.

Much thanks to Ambivalent Imbroglio for giving a shoutout to my blog. AI is a veteran of the blogging kingdom, up there with Favorable Dicta and Jeremy Blachman. It's an honour to be mentioned on your site, Sir. *curtsies*

Taking a page out of AI's book, here are some of the blogs that I recommend reading. Apologies in advance if I have left anyone out. Underneath Their Robes is a brilliant find of mine. I liked its post with the Chertoff quiz. Class Maledictorian is another recent discovery. It's very noir and gothic, at least to me. Interestingly, she is the only one to break the secret code of anonymity by putting up a snap of herself. Gutsy indeed. Screaming Bean is a personal favourite of mine. She was the first person who commented on my blog right after Favorable Dicta introduced it on hers. How sweet!

E.McPan of The Neutral Zone Trap is someone I feel very connected to. Her school apparently had a C+ curve, which it recently switched to my school's B- curve. We are bound by empathy, although she doesn't know of me yet. A small detail :) Another special blog to visit is Favorable Dicta's good friend, Legal Quandry. Many of my inspirations for the quizzes I take come from her site. While am not sure that's a good thing, it makes me visit her blog again and again! As it so turns out, it's LQ's birthday today. Happy Birthday, LQ!

In other news, someone Aspiring to Become a Lawyer hates law school. Join the club, pal. His blog chronicles the agonising wait that all of us went through to get to law school. As does that of Anonymous Recent College Grad. I don't know how anonymous you'd get if your name is right up on your blog... unless it's a fake name... Hmm...

Alright folks, kickoff in a minute. E-A-G-L-E-S, EAGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!



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