Thursday, December 23, 2004

Hasta la vista baby...

And am back.

Rather long hiatus there, but what with the mind-numbingly catastrophic flurry of exams, I just had no time, nor the patience. More the latter. But the former sounds better.

I'm not going to spend too much time talking about the dreaded exams, but suffice it to say they're over. For now. I've been unwinding since last Thursday and I can go on unwinding for the next fortnight. Since it's proper winter right now, with the weather dipping below freezing, there hasn't been much by way of an incentive for me to step out, so basically I've just been running to and from Blockbuster to watch movies at home. Oh, I also saw Ocean's Twelve last week... during the day... a luxury in and of itself. Imagine, a law student, watching a movie....during the day!!! Hallelujah! But anyway, the movie was good as sequels go, but nothing to beat its predecessor. Ocean's Eleven had class and style, this one was classy too, but lacked a bit of the ... zinginess (admittedly a stupid, probably fictitious, word, but sounds about right) that the first one had. But worth watching.

On Wednesday, right after my Secured Transactions exam (which was a Bitch), I headed out to dinner with Fuhrer, 3L, Kay, Andy, & (later) Pete. We went to a Korean restaurant in Center City. It was really good, the dinner. Accentuated by the looming winter break. Bulgoki in a manner I have never had before. A tofu dish that was really yummy. And a bi-bim-bab prepared in a stone bowl. Real good stuff. I then treated myself to Haagendaaz ice cream - vanilla. That's right...I ate my heart out. And I'm going to eat my heart out losing all that holiday fat I've put on.

That's about all that's worth writing ... I think. I'll have more next week since I'll be going to NJ and spending time with my aunt, uncle, brother, & cousin. So till then, merry christmas.



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