Sunday, November 21, 2004

Superficial introspection

I have been feeling real guilty the past month or so, and the reason is my sloppy blogging trend. So last night, on my way to watching the movie 'The Incredibles', I was thinking about why I feel guilty over something that is purely voluntary, doesn't have much of an audience, and has no parameters attached to it. And I came up with nothing.

I started blogging predominantly because of being inspired by people like KampongChicken and other fellow bloggers, more diligent, far more, than me. I read their blogs and found them to be a wealth of knowledge. Equally important, I found them to be an excellent means of communication. Well, my blog may be informative, but it certaintly hasn't done much by way of communicating with those far away. I know some of you out there have read my blog entries and have even made an attempt to involve me in discussions over them, so thanks to you! It's greatly appreciated. But for the most part, most people still contact me either via e-mail or phone calls. My brother told me outright he's too lazy to read a certain blog entry when I directed him to it in reply to a question he posed. Now, that's funny :) And insulting. But funny.

And on my part, I'm too lazy to keep a religious account of the goings-on in my life to the extent I intended to. The reason being, when I am inspired to write about something, it's an inappropriate time, and when i do have the time to, the inspiration runs out. Either I've found an outlet, or laziness has found me. Whichever way you slice it, the blog doesn't get done the same as the KampongChickens of the world.

So, I've come to the conclusion that because the purpose for starting my blogging career has largely been defeated, I'm going to not feel guilty for not maintaining a constant stream of blog posts. Phew.

That said, my week was a good one. I went out to a pizza joint with 3L & Fuhrer for the world's spiciest wings. Following that, I went to UPenn's bookstore and bought 'Life of Pi', a book on the Freemasons and Templars and their history, and a whodunit. That bookstore was HUGE, but due to time constraints, we kept to a small section of the ground floor. But the plan is to return there over the winter break. Now, that's something to look forward to when I'm outlining for Tax or Evidence!

Last night, I tried to watch 'The Incredibles', but halfway through the show the power got cut off, so the theater was emptied and we were all given free movie passes to come back anytime to either finish the rest of that movie or to watch another one. I'd like to watch 'National Treasure' (despite Nicholas Cage), but since 'The Incredibles' was actually a really good movie, I'd want to go back to finish it up. I'm reserving it for the Thanksgiving break, along with Secured Transactions, Tax, Evidence, and Business Associations. Yay.



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