Friday, November 12, 2004

Still ranting

I meant to post this article some time back. But as usual, I got all worked up about it when I read the article (in class), but then the fire died down when I could actually write about it. But it's a very interesting article and anyone interested in following the goings-on related to the 2004 American election must read it. It portends a very disturbing trend in the current American political scene - the nexus between politics and organised religion.

Where the political aspirations of this country are based on the stark (at least, in theory) separation between the church and state, there seems to be a sharp deflection from that theory in recent years. The 2004 Presidential election left no room for doubt on the importance of the Christian vote in American politics. The revulsion of homosexual marriage in this country seems to have overshadowed almost every other issue brought to the election table: healthcare, foreign policy, Presidential accountability to the American populace. Amazing. Jon Stewart had a riproaringly funny episode of the Daily Show on the election results; he said "We can tolerate prisoner abuse in Iraq, a bad global reputation, but somehow the idea of dudes kissing doesn't seem right." Or something to that effect. Never been too good at quoting from memory. Those interested can, am sure, look it up online.

So aside from following politics, I've been busy with school stuff. Exams are just around the corner and classes are nearing the end, moving steadily to those review classes that spell the end of law school parties. So I'm trying to cram in a couple of movies inbetween - The Incredibles & Bridget Jones' Diary: The Ege of Reason. Will probably watch Saw on dvd. Aside from that, not much happening on the social scene. Probably going to a comedy move marathon this Saturday. That should be a nice change, so am looking forward to it.

Hmm, that's all. Ta.



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