Saturday, November 06, 2004

Greenday - I hope you had the time of your life

Goes for both Kerry & Edwards. They had their day, not in court, but in the voting booth, and they lost, graciously. Kerry more than Edwards. But anyway, on the day of the results, I lopped off my hair. Not all of it, but most. I guess I now look like Edwards. Does that qualify as a show of support for the candidate?

Tax is interesting today. We're learning all about the tax consequences for married and single people. It's interesting to see how the Judeo-Christian views of the early settlers have seeped into every single facet of American life. This election was won on those values. Not the war on Iraq, as most ppeople thought. Even the Federal Income Tax Code reflects (and reaffirms) the traditional notions of the Christian faith. Amazing. And then the rest of world looks upon America as the idol of Modernisation and Progressiveness and the separation of the Church and State. Balderdash.

What's even more amazing is Arafat's "death" in the media. I don't envy the reporter who made a colossal ass of himself thinkign he was smart enough in unnerving the President by throwing the Arafat question yesterday. But I guess ultimately, Arafat's not in the running anymore. I can't imagine someone in a coma coming out to lead a huge mess of a situation. Even with our modern medical advancements and technologies, that ain't possible.

Having talked of amazing events, I'd like to turn my (brief) attention to scary events. Three Supreme Court justices more or less due to kick the bucket during the Bush administration. Starting with the Chief Justice. With 3 vacancies in the next four years, it forms a bleak picture for civil rights in this country. Whilst the Chief Justice is a renowned conservative, he is yet known to be one who stays true to the Constitution. The danger of replacing him begins if the President replaces him with a conservative of the stature of Justice Thomas. Justice Thomas was the one Justice who approved the President's new classification of 'enemy combatants' and desired to give the government almost unlimited power in dealing with those whom it suspects of waging a war of terror against the United States. The other 2 vacancies are those of Justice Souter and Justice O' Connor, both known to be liberal Justices. If the 3 Justices are replaced by Bush's nominees, which isn't an impossible feat since the Republican party has now solidifed its hold on both the Senate and the House of Representatives, Roe v. Wade and Texas v. Lawrence will be the first to be ousted.

Not good.



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