Monday, November 01, 2004

After a long hiatus...

Anyone who happened to amble in, only to be met by a blank slate, has my sincere apologies. It has been a rough fortnight, and a busy one to boot.

First off, my condolences to isd_girl and her family. I am sure she will heal in time, in fact, she sounded MUCH better the last time I spoke to her, but for now, anytime she wants to talk, am here.

I read a great article at Economist. It was one of the best articles regarding the two Presidential candidates that I have read in a long time. Because it's the Economist, the opinions expressed tend to be more conservative, but also because it's the Economist (which is based in London), their opinions aren't as tainted as those one would expect to read in the American press. I disagree with the opinion-article in a couple of areas but as opinion-articles go, this one is concise, coherent, and cogent. Definitely worth reading from top to bottom.

Yet another useful Presidential Election site is hosted by WashingtonPost. This provides a comprehensive one-site-stop collection of information for tomorrow's election. My personal feeling is that Bush will win. Narrowly. But he will prevail yet again. There is a law school election party tomorrow evening when the votes start being counted...I might go for it, just to lose myself in the election mania. Coming from a totally politically apathetic country, I see the 2004 election as a brilliant experience for me to vicariously feel the election fever. After all, this election does have some effect on me too, as it does the rest of the world. As JP rightly said, "We should allow the rest of the world to vote for the American president; it affects all of them."

Aside from that exciting event, I was also lucky to witness a 86 year old baseball Curse be smashed to smithereens. The Red Sox won, finally, after selling off Babe Ruth back in 1918. It wasn't as exciting agame as would have liked it to be, but there were some tense moments. It was exhilarating to see the crowd go wild at the end of the game when Red Sox made easy the end of the ninth inning. The TV showed clips of people in Iraq watching the game - it said they were the multinational task force....somehow I can't quite imagine the Brits or Aussies watching Baseball....but I suppose they'd rather watch the Curse be broken than watch their buddies and comrades be broken.

Signing out here, more, hopefully, in the next day or two.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

*aytas* Well, the American people have voted and though I was rooting for Kerry (for obvious reasons...), I hope Bush will change his style of governance. His first term was marked by an evangelical stance, wherein he was doing everything to "save the world"! His foreign policy was founded on the whole concept of pax americana, and it is scary...

I just hope he realizes what path he is following and tones down the rhetoric and moderates his actions as well... The Indian press is all gung-ho about Bush as he is not seen as against outsourcing but I have seen him change so many times, it ain't funny...

How are things with you? How's the Tax problem coming along?

12:04 am  
Blogger Res_Ipsa_Loquitur said...

Hey there,

Terribly sorry for the delay, but you know me,
Ms. Punctuality! I've been good, and busy. Backed out of the tax competition because we were flying blind. Didn;t like that feeling too much, but let's see. Its an annual contest, so there's always one next year.

Looks like Bush is showing no signs of toning down his stance on anything. It is more than a trifle scary, especially when you consider the various ingenious methods the party is deploying to chip away at abortion rights. Iraq is in no better shape, worse, in fact. And the latest skirmish over the GOP's support for their fellow Republican, DeLay, is alarming and, am sorry to say, real cheap. So, yup...four more years!

How are you doing?

8:42 pm  
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