Monday, October 04, 2004

Monday blues

Back to school after a restful weekend. Evidence at 11; hopefully it'll provide a good start to my week, academically.

I made the awesome-est tofu stir-fry, Indian style! Such good stuff....yummm... Since I made it in bountiful quantities, I don't have to worry about dinner/lunch for the next couple of days. That's a relief.

Attended a house party on Friday night - very good crowd. Law school people turned out in droves...not surprising since it was a law student who hosted it. Ventured out at 2.30am for some pizza and wings....hit the sack at 4..and was up by 10, reading for Secured Transactions. Great way to start a weekend, really. I was very productive all Saturday, finishing up my work for my classes this week. Am now more or less on top of it all. Boy, am I proud of me or what.

But the thing about law school is that just when u think you're done, something else shows up. The Pennsylvania Superior Court is holding a session at school tomorrow. Since that's earlier than my classes, it eats into my reading time, but hey, it's the PA Superior Court! Can't be missed for anything. I'm excited; as excited as I could be on a Monday morning. But, I console myself with the thought of Everwood tonight. Yup, good show - good plot line, acting, and idyllic scenery. Everything needed to make Monday night TV worthwhile. Chase away the Monday blues with Everwood. Right.



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