Monday, October 18, 2004

It's 4.05 a.m., and am still unable to sleep. I'm just going to make this an all-nighter.

The weekend was good. I finally managed to go shopping for some sweaters and a pair of warm and cosy jeans. All I have to do now is to get a trench and a blazer. I finished the weekly Secured Transactions reading, which was amazingly short. Not littered with too many Code sections. And then some prep for the ABA Tax competition. This year's problem has apparently been much simplified. I still see stars when I read it. But it promises to hold me mesmerised - it's about a corporate stock plan and its tax consequences. Unfortunately, it involves reading a chapter in my Tax book that isn't covered in my syllabus! Neither is the code provision. So much for that. But it still looks intriguing and if I want to pursue my other plan of becoming a tax attorney, this will definitely come in handy.

Sunday morning SB called and we spoke for a while. SB's parents are in town, so I got to talk to mom for a bit too. It was a weird conversation espcially as we hadn't caught up in some time, plus SB sounded tired. It didn't help that I was in a rush either. For a baptism in the afternoon. Interesting experience. The baby was adorable and well-behaved. Thank god.

And then there was dinner with 3L, Mc-O & Em at Penang. That restaurant has got to be my favourite in Chinese food. Had some yummy food and company, but had to cut the evening short to get home and read Evidence and some more RA work. That stuff just keeps getting more and more engaging. Maybe it's the pay. Nah, it's the substance. Yup, substance. No, really. Substance.

It's 4.20. Adios.



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