Thursday, October 21, 2004


I saw baseball history being made last night. The Red Sox thrashed the Yankees 10-3, making it the first team in baseball history to win from 3-0. Delightful moment right there. Rooting for the underdog is always fun. Not that I knew too much of the techincalities of the game to really know what I was rooting for...but baseball is sufficiently similar to cricket, so it wasn't too bad.

After a couple of really bad days, I spent Wednesday morning sleeping in. Penalty: missing Evidence. It's tragic cos I love my professor, she livens up the class so much, but sleep is a necessity. Especially after sleeping a grand total of 8 hours in 3 days. Sometimes law's gotta take a backseat, but the guilt never goes away. I heard someone say Law is like a jealous mistress. ALthough I'd never know what a jealous mistress would be like, the sentiment holds good. Once u have a good time on the sly, outside of The Law, the guilt never fully washes off. No matter how much u justify it. I will pass out if I don't eat NOW...Nope, U gotta stick with your Business Associations reading. Living somes second.

The tax competition is really hotting up. So is my RA deadline. And then there are my classes. Constantly clamouring for attention. We are allowed a coach for our tax compettion, so the professor in charge called all of us and held a meeting to get us introduced to our coach. This was 5p.m. Monday...I was so tired and hungry, but had to stay back 4 hours to meet the coach....who never showed up. The prof apologised profusely and said she's gonna make the coach beg us, etc etc. Turns out, it was her fault; she got the day wrong. So then we had a meeting on Tuesday at 5. That day was worse cos I had still not had decent sleep nor food...and that was the day I have classes back to back till 4. We then had a tax library tour...and waited till 5.30 for the coach to show up. Never did. Prof apologised yet again and swore she'd make the bloke pay. When I get back home, I find an e-mail saying it was her fault yet again! Enough said.

So last night I stayed up a bit to watch the Red Sox-Yankees game and The Daily Show. It was funny, but it felt too short. Felt more like a 10 minute show instead of at least 20. Cheating.

Today there's a mock presidential debate at school. My Tax prof is debating for Bush another prof is debating for Kerry. That's on at 4....I'm attending it. It sounds like fun, I'll know if it indeed is later.



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