Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Do I need to have a title?

Guess now I do anyway.

Now that that's outta the way, the more meaty parts of this blog. Still getting used to it...blog...Anyway, last week was such a whirl. The week passed in a blur of classes - Business Associations (BA), Tax, Secured Transactions (ST), and Evidence (ugh). Oh yea, there's Business Basics too, a.k.a. Business for Law Students, a.k.a. Business for Dummies. Tuesday is the day I have the good fortune to study the whole lot - 4 classes back to back, finishing off the day on a high note at 6pm, with a 2 hr Biz Basics class. Man, I dread Tuesdays!

But u know, I was just thinking over the weekend (anything to get me off studies), law school's just all-consuming. When I created this blog, I wanted to be different from all the other JDites with blogs. I wanted not to talk about law school, not to talk about lawyer-ly subjects. But heck, look at my pseudonym! Speaking of which, let me digress here, when I came up with it, I thought it was going to be unique. Who was I kidding! Res Ipsa Loquitur is a crescendo! But to get back on track, besides my nom de guerre, I can't think of writing anything that does not have to do with law school. Hence, the "all-consuming". I challenge any JDite to hold a conversation without dragging law into it. Dragging is probably a bad choice of words - weaving is better. I'd be talking to someone about something as inane as clothes or cosmetics, and *boom*, I'd find myself somehow discussing the merits (or the lack thereof) of some tort case or a how that Contracts case involving Form Contracts paves the way for a potential lawsuit against Comcast or Verizon. Geek, me.

But really, even when not discussing substantive law, conversation will meander its way to law school or the legal community at large. It'll find its way to a law professor who was in Vietnam or one who wrote a 91 page article on IT and the UCC's interplay with regards to financing systems. Yea, somehow. I wonder how med students converse... "The cadaver I cut up the other day had dehydrated intestine.", "The dead bloke's insides got goo the colour of mucus." Nah, I probably made it seem more interesting. No offense, med kids.

So over the weekend, as part of my enjoyable Saturday evening reading, I was looking through my Secured Transactions stuff, and discovered something that connected up with Evidence! The rush I felt at being able to connect up some imaginary dots was intense... and scary. The transformation from student to ubergeek was complete. Nonetheless, it was awesome to be able to read a business law course and link it up seamlessly (yup, that's right, am shamelessly complimenting myself AND I know it) to Evidence! Craaaazy. But good crazy. At that moment, I realised more than ever that law school is fun, for me at least. This year has kicked some serious ass thus far, touch wood. I think I'll keep liking it,, at least, I hope I do.



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